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KeePass Latest Version

Free download KeePass latest version 2.38. It is free, open source, light-weight and easy-to-use password manager. KeePass is a portable password manager. This app is used for PC (Linux, windows, Mac OSX), with ports provided for iPhone, Android, ipade and many others let’s face it, to avoid pass word manager a number of users use the same password over and over but this practice is very risky. That’s mean if anyone gains or breaks your password, they could log into any of your accounts, they can steal data and jeopardize your security.

KeePass-ScreenshotFor every site, having a separate, lengthy and random password is considered the best way to safe data. This program presents the feature that keeps every username and password pair in an encrypted database that is protected by a single master password or key. This app does not store the users’ database in the cloud unless they upload it there. For the users it is very easy to use and they can easily download KeePass for windows and they can also port it on a USB stick for most other operating system.

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The users will find that the interface is as busy as it is robust. Such as, for sorting passwords this app supports password groups. The users have also the option that they can drag and drop passwords into most windows or also use a hot key to type their login information into windows automatically. By using this program the users can also quick and easy copy user names and the passwords to the clipboard with a double click on the field in the password list.

KeePass also presents the facility that it can import data from a variety of formats such as CSV, while the list of password can be exported to formats like HTML, XML, TXT and CSV. This app has a powerful password generator and it is available with multi factor authentication and it has also the ability to handle non standard login sequences. (Review by PCFavour)

Open Source
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