Kingo Root Download Latest Version

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Kingo Root Latest Version

Free download Kingo Root latest version (to Root Android). It is an application software that helps you to root your android. Rooting an android device will remove the limitations from your Android device. Remember that, rooting process will eliminate your mobile phone warranty. Kingo Android Root is available for free and is tested by millions of users. Kingo Android Root can be downloaded and installed easily on your computer system. You can download the setup file from the download link given below. After download, run the setup and start the installation process. It will take few minutes to complete the process according to your computer performance.

Kingo-Android-Root-downloadAfter installation, the application will start automatically if you simply finish it. When the Kingo Android Root starts, it will show USB symbol with a message Not Connected. After few seconds, it will start to connect automatically to a connected device. When you will attach your android device with your computer via USB, Kingo Android Root will start to download the drivers according to your android device. The drivers downloading time will take some time and them you are asked to remove the device. When you unplug the USB from your PC, it will start to install the drivers. When these drivers will install successfully, you can connect your device again with your PC. Now your android device is ready to be rooted.

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Rooting your Android device will remove the limitations from your android device. Thus you will get the full access and can easily replace system applications, settings, run specialized apps and even you can remove or replace the device’s operating system with any of other you want.

Rooting will allow you to customize your android phone easily and you can make various appearance related changes. For example, you can install custom fonts for your whole android device and add various applications that previously not compatible with your mobile phones.

How to root your Android:

  • First of all, download and install Kingo Android Root in your PC/Laptop.
  • Pickup your android phone, go to settings and enable the Developer Mode from the Developer Options.
  • Now connect your phone via cable to the computer. Remember; don’t use any connection option from the notification bar of your android phone. Just connect your phone with computer via cable.
  • Kingo Android Root will detect the model of your phone. On some phones it may need to download necessary drivers for the android model from internet. So you must have an internet connection.
  • After the android phone is detected, Kingo Android Root will show the name of your model with an option “Root”.
  • Click on “Root”, sit behind and wait patiently to complete the process.

That’s all and your phone is rooted.

Note: If you are using a local manufacturer’s mobile device, then it may not connect it.

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