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KiTTY Latest Version

Free download KiTTY latest version. KiTTY is an SSH for windows 32 platforms and implementation of telnet. KiTTY is based on Putty software. The users will find that in KiTTY there are few much requested features like software portability, sessions list filter, terminal protection feature, predefined saved commands shortcuts, automatic login and automatic command on start up. These features make it more advanced and easy to use.

KiTTY-ScreenshotKiTTY has the quality that it is just designed for the Microsoft windows platform. For the users there are many technical features such as Automatic password, running a locally saved script on a remote session and Z modern integration. With KiTTY the users can make automatic connection to telnet. The password is transferred during the authentication procedure in the case of SSH servers. Among a large number of open windows easily identify a specific window the users have the option to set a specific icon for each of them.

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By the software icon is chosen randomly. The users can change it to press the CTRL key and click on the left mouse button in the middle of the screen. It also gives the possibility to set permanently the icon of a session. For this purpose in the main configuration box there is a new input Zone. The users just have to set the icon number which they want to link to the session. The users have the option to protect their session. With KiTTY they can protect it against unfortunate keyboard input.

In the main menu there is a Protect option is available. By its use the terminal window is protected against all input. The users will find that when a window is in protected mode, its title changes. If the users want to add a back ground image in their session windows then they have the option to do it with the patch which was integrated into KiTTY. There is another option of export the setting of the running session into a plain text file. (Review by PCFavour)

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