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LangOver Latest Version

Free download LangOver latest version. It is a freeware software which enables you to use some quite cool short keys while working on your pc with some internet usage. This software fully works with Notepad and Wordpad and partial works with Microsoft Office. There are some hot keys and some combination of keys, which enables this software to work with Windows. The user interface of this software works like a mini browser having Google Custom Search and Google Translate functionality. When you type any word or phrase into the application, you can translate it or search it on the google search engine. The short keys and their functionalities are:

LangOver-screenshotF10= Change the language: The good example of this function will be cleared after this example. You have written a phrase in notepad working with multilanguage environment and forgot to use Alt+Shift. Because of this you will see the unclear phrase. To translate it in English, select the whole phrase and press F10. The phrase will translate into English.

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Shift+F10= Change Case: Using this function, even if you are typing in LangOver or in notepad or wordpad, you can change the letter case into Upper or Lower.

F6= Reverse the text: This key works for the complete line. This function reverses the order of the words of a single line. Remember that this function will not work with characters, e.g. if you have written a word “Example” and try F6, then it will not work. It works for “Example The” and convert it to “The Example”.

Ctrl+G: Search in Google: This is very useful function of this software. If you are reading some text or writing some article and need some phrase of word to search out from internet, then simply select it and press “Ctrl+G”, the LangOver will take you to the Google Custom Search under the LangOver official site search option. This will work same as Google Default Search.

Ctrl+T: Translate a text: Just like Google search option, this function will take you to the Google Translate page under the LangOver application. Once you will select your translate language, next time it will automatically translate the text into your required language.

The running program will available in icon tray of taskbar. You can enable or disable the status of this software by clicking at the bottom of software. If you keep status disable, then no short key will work. (Review by pcfavour)

800 KB.

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