LogMX Latest Version

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LogMX  Latest Version

Free download LogMX Latest Version.LogMX uses a set of Parsers in order to read any log format. You can easily create new LogMX parsers to open your own log files, if they are not in a ‘standard’ format (LogMX comes with default parsers handling Log4j v1/v2, Java Logging, Logback, LogFactor5, Eclipse RCP, and Syslogs formats). LogMX auto-detects the Parser to use while the file is loading, you don’t have to select a format to open a log file. And if a log file is compressed (zip/gzip/tar/bz2/lzma/xz), LogMX will automatically decompress it on the fly before parsing.

logmx-screenshotLogMX comes with several built-in parsers for the following common log formats: Log4j HTML/XML/JSON, Java Logging XML/Text, Logback, LogFactor5, Eclipse RCP, Syslogs. No setup required, simply open your log file and that’s it.

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LogMX uses a set of log Managers in order to access logs anywhere they are. LogMX comes with a local file manager and several remote-file managers (SFTP/SCP, FTP/FTPS, HTTP/HTTPS, TCP/UDP). Like for Parsers, you can create your own Managers to read your logs anywhere they are (Oracle DB, private Cloud, POP3, …).

Some Managers read/monitor local or remote files, others read/monitor entire local/remote directories (virtually merging all directory files in a single view, taking into account file creation/deletion), and others read from sockets, serial port, or any data source.

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