Magical Mysteries Game Download

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Magical Mysteries Game Download

Free download Magical Mysteries game for PC. Decode a match-3 mystery of enchanted scrolls and magical potions in this free full version game! Download Magical Mysteries free full version game and start playing now!

Magical-Mysteries-game-screenshotFind the source of your magical powers to vanquish evil in Magical Mysteries – The Path of the Sorceress, a daring puzzle challenge.
Aldera arrives at the doors of an ancient temple, weak and with a vague memory. She was once a great sorceress who protected her fantasy world from evil, but now, a mere mortal looking to regain her lost powers.

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While striving to restore her abilities, her enemies know this is the opportunity to strike a final blow. Can you help Aldera recoup her strength and defeat her enemies of darkness?
Download free full version game today and start playing today!

Free Game Features:

  • Enjoy unique head-to-head battles in the fantasy-driven Match 3 challenges;
  • Use your skills in 70 levels to search for enchanted scrolls and make helpful potions;
  • Improve your spells to dispense greater damage against the frightful creatures;
  • Play two extra mini-games and test three difficulty settings.
103 MB.