Magisto Video Editor & Maker APK for Android

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Magisto Video Editor & Maker APK Android

Free download Magisto Video Editor & Maker latest version for Android with APK file. It automatically converts the video clips and photos edited movies awesome, complete with your choice of music, great graphics and effects, in just a few minutes magical! Magisto is a web application and mobile application that provides a free automatic editing of video for fans. According to the website, Magisto aims to solve the problem of video editing is too complicated and time allowing users to edit their videos in a click.

Magisto-Video-Editor-MakerMagisto create polished videos of your footage and requires zero editing skills on your part. Dozens of options are integrated songs, or you can use or own melodies. It supports all standard video formats. Free users are limited to videos of one minute. Twelve theme options are not enough. With poorly designed video selection tool on the application, select the clips can be annoying and tedious. Despite its limitations and problematic interface, Magisto is great for quickly and effortlessly pull together short, polished video compilations. With Magisto, you can convert all your rolling video musty polished collection that is ready to be shared. With the help of the seemingly magical technology Magisto, the application scans video choose interesting clips, and automatically edits them together with music and transitions. Editing skills required at all.

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The video interface selector allows you to look through the files in your gallery, and any media that can be stored in your Google Drive. Since the application is compatible with all standard video formats, you should not have to worry about transcoding anything. All you have to do is choose the items you want to include in the final edition and let Magisto find interesting parts to edit together. The problem is that the interface of this video selector is in great need of work. It gets tedious annoying, especially if you have a lot of content stored on the device.

Once you have selected your media, Magisto gives you 12 different themes to choose. There are specialized items for the holidays, as well as more general issues such as Beats Street and sentimental. In general, the topics cover a wide range of moods, but 12 just are not enough options. The good thing, however, is that each item comes with a few different options soundtracks, which are authorized for personal use. Otherwise, you can always upload your own music, but do not get to choose which part of the song gets used in the film.

Magical Features:

  • Unprecedented AI Technology analyzes and combines the best parts of your videos into fun clips
  • Share videos to Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Email, Youtube and even Whatsapp
  • Share and organize movies, publicly or privately, by creating your own albums
  • Collaborate around shared interests by adding your movies to open albums
  • Automatic video stabilization, filters, effects, transitions, and overall production
  • Facial recognition detects the important people in your videos
  • Upload video and photos from your Gallery or use Magisto as a smart video camera
  • Add soundtracks from your device or from Magisto’s library of licensed music
  • Access your movies from any device that supports the program
  • Upgrade to premium for longer video uploads, more photos, longer movies, and unlimited downloads
  • Replaces slideshow makers with awesome video compilation
  • Add Instagram photos, mp4 movies, and more!
  • Uses FFmpeg under permission of LGPL
  • Wide variety of styles such as Holiday, Indie, Country and more!

(Review by pcfavour)
Note: APK file may not work some of android mobiles after installation. So it is recommended to install using Google Play.

24.34 MB.

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