Max Steel APK for Android

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Max Steel APK for Android

Free downlaod Max Steel for Android with APK file. Download Max Steel new version from the direct link. MAX STEEL’S ULTIMATE CHALLENGE.  The epic entertainment series comes to your Android device and goes TURBO. Max Steel: Rise of Elementor puts you in control of the ultimate Turbo team-up. This extraordinary mash-up mixes a rad running game with mind-blowing combat and boss battles to deliver MAX-imum action.

Max-Steel-Android-screenshotMax and Steel are the ultimate Turbo Team Up: One Teen, One Alien, All Hero Potential. Together they become one unstoppable Turbofied superhero defending Earth from the malicious Miles Dredd and the sinister Elementors. New dormant evil ultralinks have appeared in the vicinity of Copper Canyon—if they come to life before Max Steel can reach them, they will “ultralink” and weaponize objects they find with devastating consequences.

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The race is on to reach the ultralinks before Miles Dredd does. Race through the ravines and city streets of Copper Canyon, then maneuver the top-secret corridors of N-Tek headquarters, dodging hazards and enemies in RUSH MODE.

Fight dangerous Dreddnaught robots, and go head-to-head with HUGE bosses. Use Steel’s Turborang and Turbo Pulse super moves to even the odds. Collect the mysterious DORMANT ULTRALINKS hidden throughout the game to unlock EXCLUSIVE CONTENT at Upgrade to the MAX. Spend the “Research Chips” you collect during missions to upgrade Max’s powers and unlock cool new abilities.

Note: APK file may not work some of android mobiles after installation. So it is recommended to install using Google Play.

8.21 MB.

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