McAfee Labs Stinger Download Latest Version

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McAfee Labs Stinger Latest Version

Free download McAfee Labs Stinger latest version. It is portable anti-virus. Although it is not fully anti-virus software yet it is suitable to detect specific viruses. As its name shows, McAfee Labs Stinger, it is very helpful for lab administrators. McAfee Labs Stinger does not need to install, that’s why it is very successful for even very infected computers. You can take it into your pin drive and scan any system quickly. McAfee Labs Stinger has three options; quick scan, full scan and custom scan. Quick scan will scan your C drive as a whole. Full scan option will start to scan your whole computer included all drives while custom scan will scan important parts of your C drive. Scan will take some time but it will show you absolute result.

McAfee-Labs-Stinger-screenshotThe very benefit of McAfee Labs Stinger is that it is compatible with all other anti-virus software. As if you are running an anti-virus which is working correctly then McAfee Labs Stinger will find nothing. This is the edge of McAfee Labs Stinger for you that you can check the performance of your anti-virus software either it is working efficiently or not. If McAfee Labs Stinger finds no infection then your anti-virus software is working well but if it detects some infection then you need to change your anti-virus. You may also need to scan your computer completely. We recommend then to re-install your Windows or use some Online Antivirus Scanner.

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McAfee Labs Stinger has 3 tabs options:


This option shows you scan options such as Quick Scan, Full Scan and Custom Scan.


This tab will show you the threats that were detected and removed. If you have enabled Quarantine Options in settings then you can see them here.


This tab will show you the current location of McAfee Labs Stinger portable file.

McAfee Labs Stinger is very good stand alone software for better protection of your computer systems. (Review by pcfavour) 

7.62 MB
7.44 MB (64-bit)

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