MELGO Latest Version

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MELGO Latest Version

Free download MELGO latest version. Privacy and secrecy is one of the basic rights and ultimate necessity of almost all of us. And almost all of us are disturbed by the noses of some over curious people being penetrated in the stuff we want to keep private. A solution to this problem is presented here.


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MELGO is a tool that is a simple  encryption software: it is a new application for Windows. MELGO is not only safer than most of other software of this genre but also is faster than ordinary ones. Your important files, confidential documents, important data, personal material and all other things you want to conceal from people is secured by a simple password to the desired file you would have encrypted. The encryption is easy, user friendly and understandable.

Encrypting a document is simple and easy. All you would be needing is that, you would:
a) select that particular document or file you want to encryp.
b) find the locker shaped button on the top left and hit that.
And here you go; your file has been secured by a password you would adjust while locking your folder.
MELGO can encrypt those files which are ‘documents’ in their genre; either TXT or DOC formats.

Your file/document/data is secured as you have encrypted the file. No one can access it without your consent. And the decryption is even easier, i.e. just reverse the process and that’s all.MELGO reads only those folders and files which belong to a single particular folder. It cannot read more folders than one spontaneously. If you want to go to some other folder, you would need to press Home End button.  Some icons are visible to the right top corner of the window of software. If you want to go back to the older folder, click the down-left arrow. You can read only one folder.(Review by PCFavour)

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