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mIRC Latest Version

Free download latest version of mIRC 7.48. It is very famous Internet Relay Chat client. It is developed by mIRC. Internet Relay Chat is used by the millions of people, and a large number of organization used mIRC to communicate, Chat, share files, play and work with each other from all over the world. Internet relay chat has served the internet community for over a decade. Now, it has become a powerful and reliable tool of technology.

mIRC-screenshotYou have to install an IRC client to chat with other people. mIRC is very stable to use. It has support of many servers at a time, nick names, file sending capabilities, remote command, scripting, events handing, programmable pop-up menus, web support and beautiful sound support.

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This gives you the basic concept of networking. You’ll introduce yourself with nick names or aliases. There are many commands, secure shells and scripting in mIRC. Now, the SSL warning dialog is improves and it includes SHA1 fingerprint and bubble-babble text. There were some bugs in earlier versions but, now bugs are fixed like control & break keys issue which causes the mIRC stickiness is resolved now. Another major issue was 10053 connection issue which is also resolved now, it usually occurred when someone is connecting to the server that close the connection immediately.

mIRC is very powerful and reliable communication and chat software nowadays. You have to learn it before you use it properly, if you are a new user. (Review by pcfavour)

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