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Mozilla Thunderbird 52.3.0 Download

Free download Mozilla Thunderbird 52.3.0 latest version. Download and complete setting/setup method for Thunderbird is here. Mozilla Thunderbird also known as Thunderbird is an open source free news, email and chat client platform. It is developed by Mozilla Corporation. It is very suitable for organization, companies, employee and entrepreneur. If you want to get rid of the mess of opening your email and chat from web browser then Mozilla Thunderbird is here for you. You can easily configure your email address that will enable thunderbird to fetch all emails from your email account. It will also make your simple chat client for Facebook, Google, Twitter etc.

Mozilla Thunderbird configuration screenshotThe configuration process is very simple and easy. You can configure it by following the steps. Firstly, download the setup file from the given below download link. Install the program, it will take few seconds to complete. Then launch the program and ready to configure your email account with it. Thunderbird will ask you to use it as the default client for E-Mail and Feeds. You can “Set as Default” or “Skip Integration” accordingly. Now it will ask you to create new email account. Just “skip this and use my existing email” that is circled. This operation will take you to the console where you can input your Name, Email and Password.

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Now enter your name, email address and password. You can use email address of Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc. It will get the POP3 or IMAP setting automatically. If you will try your own domain specific email, then you have to provide the POP3 etc server address. Now, if you are using Gmail account, then enter your name, full email address and password. It will take some time and get all necessary information to connect. After completing, click on Done.

Your email address is now integrated successfully with thunderbird. You will see all your emails from the specified email. Now click on Chat from the top menu. Then click on Get Started. Now you are asked for your desired chat platform. For example you want to set Facebook chat. Select Facebook Chat and then click Next. Now enter your Facebook username. You can find your facebook username from your timeline link. For example, your name is John Smith and your time line address is then your facebook username is john.smith, so enter this username here.

Now you are asked for Password. Enter your facebook password now. After that, you are asked to enter Alias name. This is the name that will display only for your during the chat. We have set PCFavour as Alias. After that, thunderbird will show you the summary. Click on Finish. Now start the conversation, you will see Instant messaging status. It will start to connect and download your contact from facebook. After sometime, you will see all friends from your facebook. Just double click any, and start to chat. (Review by pcfavour)

Open Source
Windows / Mac / Linux
38.52 MB
75.47 MB (Mac)
48.70 MB (Linux)

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