Murder on the Titanic – Inspector Magnusson Game

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Download Murder on the Titanic Game – Inspector Magnusson

Unravel a story of murder and conspiracy on the doomed titanic ship with Inspector Magnusson – Murder on the Titanic. Titanic Ship, as you know the whole tale is adventure and famous roles as such a tale of love story on titanic ship reshaped with the game Murder on the Titanic Game – Inspector Magnusson. A romantic night of 14 April 1912, as you want to remember that the Titanic is quietly sailing towards a distant destination when the ship’s doctor is awakened in an emergency for alaram. The corpse of Charles Taylor, a coal laborer, has been found lying in the engine room of titanic ship. Titanic Captain alarmed the investigation to the famous Swedish inspector Jakob Magnusson, on board for a business trip. That was Magnusson’s assistant, help him elucidate this murder by solving different puzzles and hidden objects games.


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Free Games Features:

  • Capability to Discover dark conspiracy linking the murder to the ship’s tragic destiny;
  • Common to Save yourself from the icy depths in this hidden object encounter;
  • Here Board the luxury liner on its fateful voyage to investigate a murder.


  • Game Size: 107 Mb
  • Windows 98/XP/Vista/7/8/10


104.85 MB.

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