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Musicnizer Latest Version

Free download Are you into music? If so, no doubt that you have lots of albums in various forms of media in your collection. Controlling such amount of audio material and finding information that you need right now can be quite a challenge. Musicnizer is a tool created by music lovers for music lovers, which means that it can handle music management in an easy and intuitive way.

Musicnizer-ScreenshotAny music collector quite naturally wants to be competent. The music organizer provides you with all information you’ll ever need about your audio collection. Simply add your music albums to the program using the most convenient method, and comprehensive reviews with information about artists will be automatically downloaded from the online music database of your choice. Having all your albums added, you will discover how easily they can be sorted and searched.

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Navigate through your music collection using clickable titles in the “encyclopedia style”. Use personal rating, comments and custom fields to note how good this or that album is, so that you do not need to guess about this in the future. Musicnizer will help you to create an illustrated and fully-featured audio collection catalogue. One of the special features of Musicnizer is the ability to create an illustrated music catalogue for Dune media players.

This raises your music listening experience to an entirely new level. The quality of sound playback on Dune players is enhanced with album covers and other information shown on your TV set. Let music become one of the brightest parts of your life with Musicnizer!

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