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A Competent render farm tool launched to enable you batch process jobs for the purpose of film production, game developing as well as visual effect industry. Muster 9.0.2 latest version is such type software that helps you to provide smooth and energetic system for the purpose to manage CGI Renderfarms and the same to distribute computing. The program has clear range of incredible features included neat and clean interface alongwith huge amount of customization efficiencies. This tool has biggest advantage for for pipeline’s developers whose linked Wranglers as such, this software is powerful.

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Mobile Ready.

Muster has best capability like as integrated web server engine due to its core of HTTP/Rest APIs but also exposes a minimal, clean, and intuitive web based interface to its core specifications. Based on the Bootstrap framework, Muster is mobile ready right from the start. One thing is special that the program is responsive, mobile functioning system let you take control of the Dispatcher service using your Phone, your Tablet or your web browser. The integrated web server code is distributed as open source and it’s based only on jQuery/javascript/Boostrap with non minimized components. That’s learning point at the stage of starting level for a custom web based interface or proven examplary to learn the HTTP/Rest APIs.

54.14 MB (32-bit)
61.21 MB (64-bit)

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