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myFFmpeg Latest Version

Free download myFFmpeg latest version 2.3.2. As the name is showing that myFFmpeg is one the finest software which enables you to deal with FFmpeg tool. It is best because of its simple layout. It has been designed especially keeping in mind that it must be easy to use for new users. So It has comprehensive layout which makes it user-friendly. myFFmpeg offers its users conversion of different multimedia files, merge or trim them in an easy way.

myFFmpeg-screenshotThe myFFmpeg is able to convert, mux/demux, encoding, streaming, transcending and playing of different complex audios and videos.  It supports multitude formats. Actually the programs can be used by some of professionals. The new users can face many difficulties while dealing with this software.  It gives you graphic interface for the FFmeg features: encoding, merging, multimedia conversion, trimming, creating DVD ISO image, and splitting videos into pictures.  You can browse the required file into the program or simply drag and drop those files for ease. Once you have selected the various files just choose the one on which you want to work initially.  You can have different basic options like, codec, audio of video streaming and metadata and filter. High quality videos are also supported.  Along with that you can have some specific options like field dominance, visual trellis, DCT algorithms, scale, multi threads and dithering.

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Its advanced audio settings offer you to merge many different codecs. Approximately it is 96000HZ. You can increase bit rate up to 512kbit/s. It also enables you to combine different files into a single document in multimedia.  In this way you may join many of the videos, audios, images and slideshows into a single document.  These all are the features which look simple but when you are using it put you in a great difficulty.

The conclusion is that you may deal with conversion of complex audio and video files with this software. All you need to have some experience and complete know how about such kind of features like encoding, mux /demux and all other features which have been given in the application and in my review as well. Without proper knowledge you won’t be able to use this program. Its demo version is available, you may download it for initial checking and after that you may purchase its full version. (Review by PCFavour)

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