Nokia Location Tagger 1.0 beta for Symbian

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Nokia Location Tagger 1.0 beta for Symbian

Free download Nokia Location Tagger 1.0 beta latest version For Symbian. It’s really amazing what you can do with technology these days and there are always things that surprise me how far we’ve come.

nokia_location_taggerTake, for example, the area of GPS communication and photography, where it is now possible to mark the exact location where the photograph was taken using a satellite orbiting the planet. With Nokia Location Tagger now you can do just this on your Nokia N95, N82 and E90 with built-in GPS module, or using a GPS receiver.

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In essence, the program allows you to add the exact location of the GPS in the EXIF ​​data of the photo. Therefore, every time you take a photo with your phone camera, the software ‘tag’ its GPS location, so that anyone can see the exact spot they were in the world when it was taken.

This is useful if you are sharing your snaps on sites like Flickr or Picasa. What’s more, if you use Google Earth, you can track where the photos were taken on a map, ideal if you like to travel around a lot.

The application is very easy to configure using the built-in camera application software. An icon is displayed to indicate that the GPS is running in the background, and you just press the camera button on your device normally. It is quite reliable, although you will not be able to make GPS data using a secondary camera device.

40 kB.

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