Norton Security Download Latest

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Norton Security Download Latest

Download Norton Security latest version. This is the new product of Symantec that was released in September 2014. This new product has replaced Norton Antivirus, Norton Internet Security and Norton 360, so the life of these products has been ended. Now all new is Norton Security and Norton Security with backup, these are the two products that are now available on Symantec.

Norton-Security-latestNorton Security with Backup provides you two extra features as compared to Norton Security and these are; automatically backup of up to 25 GB data you choose your PC including your pictures, movies and files that will be stored to online storage of Norton. Secondly, it delivers enough flexibility to protect your entire family’s digital life.

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The both Norton Security and Norton Security with Backup offers one service to protect your devices. Provides protection against viruses, malware, spyware and other online attacks. These also maintain your privacy, no matter what device you’re using. It always avoids unsafe websites and suspicious downloads. Moreover, it allows you to move protection from one device to another as well as lets you to add more protection as you get more devices.

Norton Security also helps you to locate your stolen or lost tablets and smartphones. This can cover all your PC, Mac, smartphones or tablets. The Symantec says that our protection helps keep your devices safe. Your PC and Mac are protected from viruses, online threats, identity theft and financial scams, while your smartphone and tablet are safe from loss and privacy concerns like unwanted access to your messages, contacts and photos. Your privacy. Your contacts. Your messages. All safe and sound.

Moreover, the developers are sured about that as you change the devices you use, we stay nimble and flexible, letting you easily move protection from one to another. New device? You’ll be able to protect that one, too. We’re so confident in our antivirus and malware protection, we guarantee it. We’ll help keep you virus free, or your money back. That’s assurance you can’t get from free software.

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