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NoScript Latest Version

Free download NoScript latest version. Having secure browsing is a big deal nowadays.  In that case your browser selection plays an important role.  Actually when you are busy in browsing many malwares penetrate into your computer via browser and you even don’t know about their existence in your system. To solve this problem you can have Mozilla Firefox. NoScript is actually an extension which works with Mozilla Firefox browser. It protects your system while browsing. It blocks clickjacking and other harmful scripts. The tool actually protects Flash Script and Java Script.

NoScript-screenshotThe good thing about NoScript is its automatic ability to protect your system. You don’t have to face notifications again and again because NoScript knows its work very well. It automatically detects and blocks all those things which can be dangerous for your computer. You can have backup information about all the domains having this program.  The program has ability to be modified according your needs.  Although it is able to block all the harmful scripts by own but if you want to have proper notifications, you can have just by configuring it easily.  You can also have feedback in text format and along with a comprehensive audio feedback.  It is all about your choice and ease. NoScript proofs itself best plug in for your facilitation.

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Having this program you can set the selected scripts to be blocked by manual process which is so much easy.  You can enable or disable some particular web pages as per your requirements. Along with that you can also block specific incoming objects from domain. If you feel any reservation toward any website you can also mark that as an Entrusted Subject. You can also put strict restriction in that case as well.

Along with all these feature and functions, NoScript is totally free for the users.  Professionals can use limited restriction for the scripts just to increase the efficiency of program. It is the need of time to have such kind of extensions for better usage and to protect your computer from harmful objects. NoScript enables and fully helps you to do so. Ultimately we can say that it is good for the health and efficiency of your Windows or else that objects may slower the system. So don’t wait for a moment just have this program and enjoy free facilitation. (Review by PCFavour)

Open Source
Windows (Firefox)
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