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Ocenaudio Latest Version

Download Ocenaudio latest version 3.3.10. Ocenaudio free download. Free download Ocenaudio latest version. Nowadays most of the computer users need to deal with audio editing. But there are very few types of softwares available in the global markets which help you in real manners. PCFavour always tries its best to provide you the finest softwares. Ocenaudio is one those softwares which you would really love. As for as audio editing softwares are concerned, I  have used many of the softwares which deals with audio editing, but one thing which I have noticed that is; most of the software look so descent and beautiful but in use they proved very hard. Their processing and methodology to done your task is much complex.

Ocenaudio-screenshotOcenaudio is one of those softwares which works as it looks. Working on Ocenaudio is much simpler than others.  You can easily do your editing just using some basic options which are given in the software. You can easily cut down the tracks, edit them and save them for your use. It has been especially designed on the basis of Ocen Framework. It has been structured keeping in mind that it must be effective and simple in use and yes, it is.

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Once you have installed this software you get a window which you can see above in screen shot. Ocenaudio offers you clean and clear waveform. You can have spectral preview having different time formats. Moreover you can also have spectral scale format ad vertical formats.  Ocenaudio is able to analyze the different tracks with very keen details like its maximum and minimum sample, speak amplitude, values, average RMS power and DC offset.  Ocenaudio also offers you to select the required portion of the waveform as other audio editing applications offer.  It enables you to cut, copy and paste that in any other place in wave. One of the finest and attractive feature which other softwares do not have; you can select the multiple sections of the track/waves and may edit many things about that portion easily with selecting the rest of the track.

Along with all these features Ocenaudio is totally free for the users which is its best thing I believe. Otherwise you find no software along with these features free. You can easily download it just by clicking the blow download button given below.  It is best for those who need to have the best software for their work. (Review by PCFavour)

portable 32-bit.zip

portable 64-bit.zip

32.59 MB (32-bit)
33.14 MB (64-bit)
43.66 MB (portable 32-bit.zip)
44.56 MB (portable 64-bit.zip)

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