Opera Download Latest Version

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Opera Latest Version

Free Download Opera web browser latest version 46.0.2597.26. Opera is a famous internet browser which is older than today’s most famous browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome. The first version of Opera was released in 1996 publicly and since that time it has improved and making extensive changes.

Opera-browser-screenshotAs compared to the older version, new Opera does not make a huge change instead of improving some new features nicely. An important feature of Opera which was introduced with the older release that you do not need to restart your browser when you install or uninstall add-ons unlike all other browsers. According to its developers, it runs as fast as Google Chrome. The very important feature is speed dial which now allows you to embed your favorite site with dynamic information.

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Opera 26 Features:

  • In this version, you will find more managed bookmarks options. You can view all bookmarks as grid or list view. You will see all bookmarks as “Unsorted Bookmarks” with thumbnails and can add any to speed dial of this browser.
  • This version has integrated PDF viewer. So you can view all PDF directly into this browser now.
  • This has a web notification feature that allows all developers to send native platform notification to users. This inform about the triggered events like email delivery.
  • Opera now support the latest H.264 video and MP3 so it is most simplified to listen music and watch video within opera web browser.

So install it and describe your views about this internet browser. This browser is available for all types of platforms like Mac, Linux, Mobile, Tablet and Windows. The following give link is for windows operating systems. (Revjew by Pcfavour)

36.93 MB (32-bit)
41.95 MB (64-bit)

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