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PCtransfer Latest Version

Free download PCtransfer latest version.While upgrading system or just changing a new PC, the most annoying thing would be importing data missing. PCtransfer can easily and securely transfer documents, files, browser bookmarks, settings, photos, Skype chat record, and emails in Outlook to new Windows system.

PCtransfer-ScreenshotTo simplify transfer process while moving volumes of data, PCtransfer offers a smart way to quick select to backup third- party programs and settings. And with one click, all those programs and data would be fast restored to the new system just as before.

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PCtransfer is a free, light, and portable data transfer tool that works well with Windows XP, 7, and 8 and provides users with an easy and secure way to backup and restore data with one click.

PCtransfer can come in handy to all users who want to quickly backup their files, then restore them to another PC with as little effort as possible – after all, no expert skills are required for any step of the process.

4.6 MB.

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