PhoneTorch for Symbian

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PhoneTorch for Symbian

Download PhoneTorch for symbian mobile. It is the free app for Symbian which helps you to walk in dark ways with the help of your mobile phone’s screen and camera flash light. It is developed by Harald Meyer.

PhoneTorch-screenshotPhoneTorch is very simple and very useful app for Symbian, it lets you to turn on your flash camera in dark areas and you can see all the things now. You only need to install it and simple click on start or stop button for starting flash light. It gives you the intense light that you can all the things and your way with an ease. PoneTouch provides Led light with camera flash and you can use your phone’s LCD for light as alternative. You’ll have a choice to go with either white color or red color.

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PhoneTorch has a number of features; one of the best features is the ‘Morse Utility’. It allows you to watch your desired text with light on ground or wall with mobile’s LED. Just click on ‘Morse’ button, write your desired text which you want to display, now PhoneTorch will start showing your text. However according to some users and a survey it is said that this feature is not reliable like its torch facility. After some time of using this Morse feature, this functionality will be crashed soon.

PhoneTorch will take some time to turn on and you can set the things as well like update the interval, define the Morse interval and auto turn on the light whenever your phone will on. It allows you to turn on backlight display constantly. There is an optional sound effect when you turned on or off the light. It tells you the recent activity.

PhoneTorch is one of the most popular apps for Symbian and users wanted it badly. It supports a lot of Symbian mobiles like Nokia and others too. Use your mobile phone as Flash Light battery.  (Review by pcfavour)

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Harald Meyer

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