Pou APK for Android

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Pou APK for Android

Free download Pou for Android with APK file. Download Pou latest version from the direct link. It is a virtual pet game for Android in which you have charged with the task of caring for an alien blob character. Pou the idea is that you take care of the little creature, feed it, play with it and make sure it is clean.

Pou-Android-screenshot-DownloadThis is a more sophisticated version of the tamagotchi virtual pet toys that were popular in the 90’s. Your character Pou has four “needs” to be met and maintained at all times: Food, health, fun and energy. The level of each of these is represented by an indicator on the top of the screen. You can feed your Pou to drag and drop the food into its mouth, clean virtual rubbing soap on it, and put it to sleep when tired, turning off the light.

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The most pleasant of Pou is the games section, where he plays the game also serves to fill Pou Fun meters. There are seven different mini games here, including a matching game, dropping food, free fall and a musical remake Simon. The score in games is rewarded with coins that can be used to purchase additional items for Pou (food, clothes, objects, etc.) If you want to speed your way to good then you can buy more coins. Install this and enjoy the feelings which you will have while playing this game.

Note: APK file may not work some of android mobiles after installation. So it is recommended to install using Google Play.

20.37 MB.

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