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RawDigger is an apparatus permitting to view, consider, and break down unadulterated crude information as recorded by computerized photograph and certain camcorders. RawDigger is a magnifying lens of sorts that gives you a chance to bore down into crude information both on Mac OS X and Windows. RawDigger doesn’t change the crude information in any capacity. RawDigger isn’t a crude convertor. Rather, it enables you to see the information that will be utilized by crude convertors. RawDigger bolsters about all cameras that have crude ability. Support for new cameras is typically executed inside couple of weeks after crude specimens end up noticeably accessible.


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RawDigger Features

  • RawDigger enables one to show and research the genuine Raw Histogram of the crude information, which enormously varies from the in-camera histogram, and additionally histograms introduced by the greater part of the crude converters.
  • To encourage precise crude picture ponder, the histogram can be shown in various modes, over the entire picture or rectangular determinations of the parts of the picture.
  • The histogram can be sent out for additionally consider as a spreadsheet (CSV), or as a PNG for introduction.
  • Overexposure and Underexposure Statistics will demonstrate the level of overexposed and underexposed pixels.
  • The Overexposure (OE) and Underexposure (UE) Indications will demonstrate you precisely what regions of the shot are smothered or underexposed and in which shading channel(s) it happened (best if utilized as a part of per-channel see).
  • One can set the level of Underexposure (UE) signs as indicated by one’s needs.


  • Plot and spare per channel crude information histograms for both the whole record and for a subjective rectangular range of the document (determination); the histograms can likewise be spared as illustrations (PNG) or as a table (CSV) for advance outer preparing.
  • Figure the measurements per channel (least, most extreme, normal, root-mean-square deviation StdDev) for the whole record and for a self-assertive rectangular choice.
  • Spare the aftereffects of the figured insights in a preparing cordial frame – CSV, CGATS (for a discretionary number of rectangular zones of the record).
  • Spare the pressure bends of crude documents in an arranged shape (for cameras and crude information positions where such bends are utilized).
14.59 MB (32-bit)
15.36 MB (64-bit)

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