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Recuva Latest Version

Download Recuva latest version free. It is recovery software for PC which helps to recover the deleted files; even they are permanently deleted and by mistake deleted from you. If you are worrying about restoring the deleted files, then Recuva will end your search because this is the perfect solution. It will release your big grief of deleting the files and restore them. You don’t need to worry at all now. It is developed by Piriform Ltd. It is totally free recovery software for PC.

Recuva-screenshotRecuve is very light software and easy to use, after installation when you start to use this tool, then it will ask you that which type of file you want to search like, music files, documents, emails or something else. It can also search your desired drive or device such as, media card, Recycle bin, any specific location or the entire system. If you perform search operation but, didn’t get your file then go to ‘Deep Scan’ option and enable it, it will definitely work for you however it will take some time.

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When the search process has done then result can be shown, you can see the detail of each and every file, their status, their last date modification, size, last access time, clusters and all that. The green color status is showed that file is excellent which are meaning that it can be recoverable, orange means poor and red means it can’t be accessible. The search process will take some time; it depends upon the size and state of files. Recuva will allow you to overwrite the file; it will not work on red bullet files sometimes. Whenever you recover and overwrite the file then you have to change the output destination, if it is same as the original destination then it is hard to recover that files.

Recuva gives you the opportunity to see the contents of securely deleted files too which is very interesting and rare feature of this recovery tool. This feature also counts as recovery, however securely deleted file will not restore, but allows you to see that whole file and gives chance to copy that data within the new file and It works very fast except ‘Deep Scan’ process. It gives you the perfect solution for recovery your important files and data. Recuva will be proves as the best recovery software. (Review by pcfavour)

4.22 MB.

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