Remote Desktop Manager Download Latest Version

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Remote Desktop Manager Latest Version

Free download Remote Desktop Manager latest version Free and Enterprise for Windows and Mac. It allows you to connect and approach remote computers via internet cloud; you can also approach virtual machines. This application is for those PC users who have to give 24*7 hour support to their customers and handle the multiple networks. This is developed by Devolutions Inc.

Remote-Desktop-Manager-screenshotRemote Desktop Manager has a lot of features, the best one is; it gives you more than an RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) connection and it stores the connections like; RDP, TeamViewer, Putty, Telnet, SSH, VNC Connections, Radmin, LogMeIn and many more to cloud storage application, websites and FTP servers.

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All the sessions are started from the users, beginning with the name of remote computer, group name and then set the advanced settings like; choose an alternative Host, VPN and sub connections. All these sessions will be saved in folders; you can then easily check the connection and quickly connect with other computers and you can also check the details of all connections in ‘Dashboard’ option.

It is very light and easy to use software for PC desktop, it may take a while for installation and after installation it will show you the ‘Launch Read Me’ option for proper guidance, so you have to read it firstly. Remote Desktop Manager has a lot of extra qualities too such as; it has built-in password manager, SSH key generator, password analyzer, it helps you to store the important and confidential data, you can share the sessions with multiple users, data report viewer, backup service of online sessions and much more.

Remote Desktop Manager is perfect solution for professional people and network administrator, gives you a single and easy User Interface to manage multiple Remote Desktop Connections at a time. This one is obviously free version; it reduces your headache for sure. (Review by pcfavour)


Enterprise Ver

Free Ver

Free / Trial (Enterprise)
Windows / Mac
108.01 MB (Enterprise)
94.88 MB (Free)
70.72 MB (Mac/Enterprise)
70.74 MB (Mac/Free)

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