Rivals At War APK for Android Download

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Rivals at War APK for Android Download

Free download Rivals at War Android game with APK file. It is a military based arcade game and developed by Hothead Games. In this latest version of game you are a leader of a soldier team and you must lead them to fight against powerful world opponents.

Rivals-at-War-apk-android-screenshotIn this game you don’t need to pick up the weapons and shoot the enemies. You have to sit back and make a strategy and tell you team and squadron the right things to complete missions against the real world enemies.

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The gameplay of this game is different than other arcade games. It’s all about trading cards. You’ll purchase the bundles of cards by game currency and it contains the soldiers and each soldier has his own abilities, way of attacks, and different abilities etc. You can make strong your soldiers by level them up. When your enemies will attack on you hen these soldiers will help you to win the battle so, make more powerful and potent soldier army.

When you’ll start to play this game then there’ll be a tutorial gameplay for you, so learn about the game before play it. One important thing that you have to collect your packs of cards and choose your special item which will be used in battle then watches the battle. In the battlefield you have multiple options to watch it; you can select a particular soldier to give him instructions or can choose the ‘satellite view’ to watch the entire battlefield. You can have the zoom in and zoom out options too to watch the battlefield clearly that what is happening actually.

Rivals at War has a number of levels to play and it is a very good arcade and battle game. The animations, graphics and background score is also very good. All the bugs and issues are resolved in this new version, and now you can save your soldier team with a new ‘Team Shield’ option. So, overall it is a good package to make strategy and fight with enemies. You’ll be enjoyed it. (Review by pcfavour)

Note: APK file may not work some of android mobiles after installation. So it is recommended to install using Google Play.

44.6 MB.

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