RogueKiller Latest Version

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RogueKiller Latest Version

Download RogueKiller latest version free. You can download Portable setup for 32-bit and 64-bit operating system. RogueKiller is a small tool that serves to eliminate rogue processes. The users find it portable and compatible with 32 and 64 bit versions of windows. When once the users run RogueKiller, this software will search for services and process which may be hidden on their computer. It has the ability to scan quickly and will rapidly quarantine anything suspicious.

RogueKiller-ScreenshotRogueKiller will delete the files when once the scan has been completed. By the app it’s best to work at the text reports generated. For the users it is overall a good program. They will be very comfortable with system process. Users find that inner working of windows safely use the program. The other features of this program allow RogueKiller to undo the damage caused by fake antivirus program like proxies, repairing host files and shortcuts.

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RogueKiller is a straight forward app which detects its’ all kinds. It developed based on speed execution that has the ability to clean the running process before being killed. In order to make a faster and safer disinfection it will clean the registry. This program can terminate known malware process so that users can manually delete them and also can use third party removal tools to finish the task.

RogueKiller can also restore the users’ host files. When once users use this program then it is capable of terminating malware like the fake internet security which prevents its users from running other applications. Once it has cleared the way then users will need to run a full features antivirus tool to clean the infection. RogueKiller has the aim to help the users to detect and remove malware from their PC. RogueKiller gives protection to its users and keep safe their system and files against virus.



32.97 MB.
20.45 MB (32-bit Portable)
24.57 MB (64-bit Portable)

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