Sandra Lite Download Latest Version

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Sandra Lite Latest Version

Download Sandra latest version free. Sandra lite is designed as a complex utility for analyzing the users ‘computer’s software and hardware abilities as well as running several tests to streets out components separately. This is one of the most resourceful apps in its category. The users find in it many options which require significant time to get used to if the users are not familiarized with this kind of software. The installation procedure of this software is brief and requires some configuration.

Sandra-screenshotThe users can activate a server to allow authenticated users to remotely log in to the computer, as well as, in order to prevent video driver reset ask the tool to restart on time consuming general purpose benchmarks. As well as interface is concerned, this software keeps it clean and intuitive, with all components broken down into the separate categories like tools, hardware, software and benchmarks. It is possible to get a complete overview on the computer like power management, display and video adapters, storage adapters and devices busses, processors, modules, services and drives, file type, media devices and memory usage, when it comes to hardware data.

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On this software there are many multiple types of benchmarks are available like ALU and FPU processors and SIMD processor units as well as financial analysis. For quick access any tasks which users frequently perform can be added to a favorites list, when information from any area can be generated into are port and export to file for close safekeeping and inspection. Modules which users have no need could be deactivated. It is possible to monitor the environment of the users’ computer in addition.

It can take a while to load data for the components. Overall for advanced users, it is amazing system information and benchmarking utility, that comes packed with an interesting set of features. (Review by PCFavour)

Free (Non-Commercial)
111 MB.

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