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SecureAPlus Latest Version

Free download SecureAPlus latest version 4.7.8. SecureAPlus is not just a traditional Anti-Virus software. It’s the world’s best Application Whitelisting Software combined with a powerful Anti-Virus solution. It basically only allows trusted applications, those in a so-called whitelist, to run in your computer. Before new applications even run, it has to be approved by the person in-charge, either the system administrator or the IT professional, for guaranteed 100% protection.

SecureAPlus covers all possible points of entry into your system, preventing any threats from invading and gaining access to your data. Only your trusted applications can run at any time. Whitelisting prevents any hidden attempts by advanced malware & viruses from ever succeeding.

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Higher detection rates with the combined strength of more than 10 anti-virus engines scanning your files in the cloud without impacting performance. Keep your documents safe & private by scanning them with the built-in anti-virus.

As more dynamic applications with regular updates & reiterations were used, it became time-consuming and difficult to maintain an application whitelist. Application Blacklisting or Anti-Viruses, seemed more efficient in reacting to new threats through virus signatures which were periodically updated with new version installs & later through online updates. The imperfect approach was favored as it foregoes the high costs of manually maintaining an application whitelist. Application Whitelisting, while more effective in security, never caught on due to its complexity and high costs.

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