skatepark rc racing cars 3D APK for Android

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skatepark rc racing cars 3D APK for Android

Free download skatepark rc racing cars 3D for Android with APK file. Download skatepark rc racing cars 3D new version from the direct link. Imagine a skatepark track for radio controlled cars with endless hills of smooth asphalt, lots of obstacles and ramps to jump and, moreover, is growing every day with what you decide to include, if you like the idea you need this new RC racing game its the most awesome rc racing cars game of 2015.

skatepark-rc-racing-cars-3D-Android-screenshotTake control of your remote control buggy car and accelerate hard to climb the steepest hills you’ve ever seen and overcome the most challenging obstacles. Ramps, coins and even a half pipe to have fun driving for hours with skatepark rc racing cars 3D. But beware this car is electric and as accelerates like a formula racing, the batteries do not last you too long.

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Look at the battery indicator occasionally to find any of the battery cells that are hidden in the skatepark and by the ground. If you do not find in time your car will stop and return to square one. Also you must be careful with the jumps, especially with the landing, as they cause strong shock absorbers and damage to the wheels of your car and if they are serious damaged driving can get a little complicated. Accidents also accounts so you do not crash too many times or too hard. Controls the direction for the wheels touch the ground in the correct position. Remember that this game is in beta version and there are still many details to include.


Still sure to have a good time playing and then you come up with good ideas to improve the game as new obstacles, improvements to the car, etc. We invite you to participate in its development, sending your suggestions by email or leaving a comment. Are you done with the normal or dinary 3D driving games and in for something new?  You should definitely download this new free real 3D driving game. With its amazing features and easy controls on the screen, this skatepark rc racing cars 3D driving simulation game is the best among the other parking ambulance games. Combines stunning, high quality 3D graphics with outside addictive and amazing physics and awesome track. This game creates a new kind of driving experience for Android users.

skatepark rc racing cars 3D features:

  • amazingly realistic rc racing cars game.
  • you are driving a rc racing cars which looks really amazing.
  • 15 amazingly realistic skatepark parking situations.
  • show off your skills.
  • choose one of the two modes to play this ridiculously good rc racing cars driving parking game.

Note: APK file may not work some of android mobiles after installation. So it is recommended to install using Google Play.

29.3 MB.

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