SketchUp Make Download Latest Version

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SketchUp Make Latest Version

Download latest version of SketchUp Make. It allows you to make 3D maps of house or whatever you want. It is a free 3D modeling software. It is developed by Trimble Navigation Limited. It helps you to save money by stop purchasing the costly 3D modeling software and give us a free application.

SketchUp-make-screenshotSketchUp Make gives you the alternate option of famous software like 3DSMax and Cinema4D. It is very easy to use tool. This latest version of SketchUp Make is integrated with Google Maps too. It is little bit difficult for the beginners, but it has a learner to learn you that how to use a tool which will be very helpful for the beginners. If they spend some time with this then they will turn into expert of this. It has some different technical terms like Push/Pull tool is renamed from Extrude tool. Apart from this, its learner tool is very amazing and helpful for you by giving hints at each and every step which will be taken by you. This latest version will work quite intelligently that it will predict your end points and meet them automatically and saves your time.

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SketchUp Make has all the drawing tools and functionality which you would expect from this 3D modeling software. All the option are available on the top tab, missing option can be accessed from start menu. Many things are already exist in this software like Materials; metal, vegetation and glass. The Shadow panel will also help you to draw the shadow which looks real by just simple clicking and sliding.

SketchUp Make has an interesting thing that when you export your sketch into Goole Earth then your geo tagging will be done with a click and you can save these maps on Google’s 3D Web Warehouse. As this software is free so it can some lack of variety too, but still it has a lot of interesting and helpful things to compete its rivals.

SketchUp Make is a free and easy tool to create 3D graphics models. Anyone can create 3D sketch with an ease. It helps a lot the students, they have to try this one and they will like this for sure because it is very simple, helping and fast tool. (Review by pcfavour)


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