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Sleipnir Latest Version

Free download Sleipnir latest version. The luxury advanced Web browser, with beautiful text on par with pro level. The designer at Fenrir Inc. designed the Web browser from absolute scratch to make the Web for people a more personal and stress-free experience. As a result, we were able to place the number of advanced features such as the easy to view thumbnails that display pages and the evolved search fields that can find open pages in no time into the breathtakingly beautiful and simple toolbar. Each part of the bold looking design has a purpose. We will introduce to you some of them below.

Sleipnir-ScreenshotTabs originally became smaller and smaller the more you open them making the shrunken title not very useful for telling what a page is. Sleipnir displays thumbnails of pages in the easiest to use location within the tool bar. This makes it possible to open more Web services and sites in a way that is easy to see and use.

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In order to maintain to be easy-to-find and beautiful even when many tabs are opened, the scrolling actions have been carefully designed in Sleipnir. the unique scrolling where tabs hide away while piling up on both sides is a creative expression so that you don’t feel tabs are vanishing away when overflowing.

These days, rather than directly inputting addresses(URLs), users are much more likely to perform searches or open bookmarks. Regardless of this, general browsers have a large box for inputting addresses occupying the majority of the tool bar. Sleipnir has boldly rearranged these elements, obtaining both modern logic and simple beauty.

57.13 MB.
Fenrir Inc.

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