Smart Lock Free APK for Android

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Smart Lock Free APK for Android

Free download Smart Lock Free latest version for Android with APK file. It provides your privacy in mobile phone from others. You can meet here the most essential App which hides Apps/Pictures/Media Files by managing password. Do you mind somebody executing Apps or taking a look to pictures and media files on your mobile phone? Smart Lock provides you lots of features such as locking App, staying awake and locking auto screen-rotate. No one can see locked Apps/Pictures/Media Files!!!

Smart-Lock-Free-APK-screenshotManaging this App is very simple and easy. After installing and setting up password for this application, you can enter using your password. You will see four menus which are Add Lock, Menu, Reload and setting. You can lock any App, media files or folders and even contacts. If you want to lock any item then go to the respected tab. For example, if you want to lock a folder then tap on MEDIA tab and then tap on ADD LOCK button from menu. Now you will see all media folders. Select your desire folder to lock and then press lock button at the bottom. Now this folder will only visible within Smart Lock App so no one can see it. Language : English, Japanese, Korean

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Main Features:

  • Locking App
  • Staying awake (Executing locked App)
  • Locking auto screen-rotate (Executing locked App)
  • Locking each Picture/Media File
  • Locking USB Storage
  • Change notification of mobile phone number

Additional Features:

  • Default locked App (This feature doesn’t support to partial phone.)
  • Select lock type (Number/Text/Pattern)
  • Set up the digits of PINs (4/6 digits)
  • The Randomization of PINs
  • Change button size/image
  • Fake mode
  • Quick start (Executing Smart Lock by calling to dial #000)
  • Manage pictures by folders
  • Rename folder
  • Move pictures to other folder
  • Lock media files in Gallery
  • Hide service icon in Notification area
  • Widget: 1X1, 2X1 (Executing/Stopping service, Registering locked App, Move to Main page)
  • Start remote service (By SMS, enter @ap start + PINs and then press ‘Call’)
  • Set up schedule of service (Start/End time)
  • Set up time to lock for each App
  • Hide Smart Lock icon : It shows/hides Smart Lick icon in installed App list, Home Launcher.
  • Edit lock screen
  • Backup/Recovery
  • Slide show of locked media files
  • Sharing the locked image

(Review by pcfavour)
Note: APK file may not work some of android mobiles after installation. So it is recommended to install using Google Play.

3.34 MB.

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