Start Menu 8 Download Latest Version

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Start Menu 8 Latest Version

Download Start Menu 8 latest version for Windows 8 free from direct download link. It is designed especially for Windows 8. Start Menu 8 provides the facility to captures the navigation structure which users are familiar with from Windows 7. Start Menu 8 allows its users completely customize their new Start button. For this purpose first, they can choose what they want the button itself to look like. Users can also select a button which looks like the classic Windows 7 button and they have also the option for something more modern which looks like it fits in with the Windows 8 style.

start-menu-8-screenshotWhen the users walk through the setup process with windows 8, then they can choose exactly what they want to have included in the menu. This thing allows the users to keep it basic and only include their most commonly used items, or comprehensive so that they can navigate through their entire system from the menu. For the users there is an option by its use they can show and hide the items like administrative tools, documents, control panel, network, photos and much more. As well as disable the hot corners and the Windows 8 sidebar.

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To match Windows 8, XP, Windows 7 users can also change the appearance of the start button. Though the users find the menu itself retains the look of Windows 8. Start Menu 8 installation routine will ask its’ users if they want to install lob its advanced system care 6 software, but they will see that there is no advertising aside from that.

For the users Windows 8 Metro apps there is a great addition which is the ability to incorporate a menu. The users of this program will find that it takes only a few minutes until they are returned to a more familiar interface. Users can customize the menu just like one in Windows 7 and they can also create their own customize option. (Review by PCFavour)

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