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Start8 Latest Version

Free download latest version of Start8. Start8 is a similar to Windows 7 Start menu but for the users it is so amazing that they control the ultimate look and feel how it meshes Windows 7 style functionality with Windows 8. But on the other hand it is a fact that Start8 offers more customization than Windows 7. In Start8 users find various housekeeping functions like Run and Control Panel as links or not at all.

Start8-screenshotThere is also another interesting thing that it has the ability to convert the All Program button into a cascading menu. Start8 provides its users another nice touch that it allows for quick access to recent documents and common tasks. It also displays the number of recently used documents.

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Start8 users can control the style of the Start button itself and they can choose it from a Start Dock logo. Users can also customize the look of the menu itself. In Start8 the configuration screens take its users by the hand and guide them through every step. In its features group they can find Control and Desktop and style with choices presented either in a drop down menu or in check boxes of choices. And the users can also boot directly into the Start8 desktop by selecting the option in the Strat8 desktop configuration tab. By its use users can find capabilities, they might wonder why they bothered to upgrade to Windows 8 in the first place.

Start8 has ability to make Windows 8 more live able. In the blink of an eye users can install the few MBs of Start8 app. For its display they can use a mouse or a finger on a touch. Even they cannot drop app icons to its menu. Start8 provides its users pin to either the Start8 menu or Windows 8 start screen from a right click menu. Start8 adjusts accordingly. Overall Start8 product is an exceptional piece of software. (Review by PCFavour)

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