Stellarium Download Latest Version

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Stellarium Latest Version

Free download latest version 0.15.1 of Stellarium. Stellarium  is a free open source planetarium for the users’ computer. It has the facility to show a realistic sky in 3D like what users see with the naked eye, telescope or binoculars. Compared with commercial programs such as Starry Night Pro it is rather short of features. For many times when the users do not want to wait for Starry Night Pro and all of its features to load only to discover where a particular planet is located.

Stellarium-screenshotThe users of this program will find that it can be extended with plug-ins and also comes with several out of the starting gate. This app has the quality that it is one of the better planetarium software. For beginner sky watchers it is a real gem, it has the basics and is in intuitive to use. It has a lot of extra features for the more advanced users.

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For download there are more deep sky star catalogs are available. This software presents real time, localized information which the users cannot get out of a book. This program is absolutely ingenious to plan photographic sessions. It is also easy to use and looks good. This app allows the users to customization to see what their set up is able to capture. This is very interesting planetarium software. When once the program is loading it will automatically detect what users’ video settings are on their computer and set the display accordingly.

After installing this program users are ready to go. The first and foremost is the input of users’ location. Users can do it either by pointing to a location on a small atlas which is displayed or alternatively entering their latitude and longitude manually. Once they have input the parameters, they can set what level of detail they want the program to display. It is also a photo realistic program. (Review by PCFavour)

Open Source
Windows / Mac / Linux
162.96 MB
165.69 MB (64-bit)

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