Superbike Racer 1.18

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Superbike Racer 1.18

Download Superbike Racer 1.18 game free from direct download link. It is a user-friendly free bike racing game. The graphics of this game are very nice and easy to start. The game starts in two modes; full screen and windowed mode. After starting new game, you can enter your name otherwise you will be assigned auto generated name e.g. “Rider_”.  The game has three game modes; competition, single race and time attack.

Superbike-racer-game-screenshotThere are 12 races; all are locked except first “Forest Park”. Next races will unlock after winning the previous one. You can select only the one bike 500cc Rapida out of four. All other bikes are locked you have to earn points to unlock them.

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If you earn 2500 points, a new bike 600cc Supera will unlock. When you will get 6500 points, the new bike 800cc Hypera will be accessible. To unlock the 990cc Monstra, you have to earn 12500 points. The gameplay is very smooth and easy. You have to take care at every turn of the track and slow down the speed to cross it.  You may face some difficulty to win first race.

Superbike Racer has three difficulty levels; Easy, Normal and Hard. You can select any of them according to your skill. The delta search will become your home page after installing this game. You can change it later. During installation, you may be asked to install some additional software. You can accept or reject them.

The graphics are very good such as Need for Speed games. The very cool point is that this game is absolutely free. (Review by pcfavour)

37 MB.

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