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A Competent Weather Forecast app to view detailed information of weather forecast concerned to one or more locations with the information of temperature, humidity, visibility and wind speed!

Here is Tray-based weather app having various location support. sWeather 1.7.4 helps you to show the conditions and temperature. Weather data is provided by Yahoo! Weather. In this, the same is added an option to show the status of sunrise and sunset times in 24-hour format smoothly. sWeather has been introduced as an application that has been designed to reside in the system on your system and offer you information about the weather conditions in your hometown or any other location on Earth. The program will display comprehensive information about weather about overall weather conditions such as temperature, humidity, visibility and wind speeds. The sWeather software will also show you the time at which the sun rises and sets, along with the location’s latitude and longitude coordinates.

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2.60 MB.

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