Swords of Fury (For Symbian and JAVA)

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Swords of Fury for Mobile

Free download latest version Swords of Fury game for mobile. It is an action pack game. It is developed by Gameleons. This game is for Symbian and JAVA mobiles. It is very interesting game; an ancient and very old bad evil has come after thousand years of sleeping. Only a few people can face this evil. Some people want to destroy it and some people seek it and make it more powerful for their use.

Swords of fury for mobileSwords of fury is a classic action game, full of fun and has best things like beautiful characters, their fighting abilities and the difficulty level of game will be increased after completion of each level.  You have to fight and defeat your enemy. You must put your sword into your enemy’s heart and turn him into ashes with a single attack. Go to visit ancient places, find the keys to open the secret gates.

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There are two different characters which you can play; sword master and warlock. 12 difficult levels are waiting for you including dungeons, temples and castles etc. You can improve your character and make it more powerful by earning of magic auras, weapons, shields and armors after each fight. You’ll face 25 different, powerful and dangerous enemies and special bosses. Graphics, music and game sound effects are so brilliant.

Swords of fury has a very interesting feature; Bluetooth mode or multiYou allows the players to play together against this dark evils. So what are you waiting for, a bunch of fun is awaiting for you. Go, download it, play unlimited and keep enjoying.  (Review by pcfavour)

Symbian / Java
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