SyncBack Latest Version

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SyncBack Latest Version

SyncBack-screenshotDownload latest version of SyncBack Free. SyncBack is a software that allows backing up and synchronizing files to the same and different drives, to a remote server or a different media. For the users there are three versions of SyncBack available like SyncBack Freeware, SyncBack Pro or SyncBack SE. SyncBack allows the users to create backups of their computer quickly and efficiently, with clear directions to help even experienced users make the right decisions. To creating backups SyncBack can also synchronize file and create mirror profiles. For the users there is also the option that they can choose to compress their files or not each time they run a backup.

The users can find the instructions for this program in multiple formats including online, an HTML Help File and PDF. This is not matter what kind the users choose, they will find thorough and clear explanations for how to finish every step of the backup process. After the users set up their backup, but before they actually run it, users can have the program generate a simulated report to see what will happen and when the users do actually put the process in motion. If they are satisfied with the result which the report provides, users can quickly run the backup as well.

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Through this program users can run manual backups they can also set it up to run them automatically, they have the option at whatever intervals they choose. For different sets of files and folders the users can create multiple backup profiles. This program also has a filter function which allows the users limit that files are copied. The users can sync with SyncBack to any direct attached storage as well FTP and network locations.

The users find that SyncBack’s interface is plain and will undoubtedly appeal to IT types that generally prefer the straightforward approach. (Review by PCFavour)

Free / Shareware (SE/Pro)
24.21 MB (Free)
26.26 MB (SE)
25.22 MB (Pro)

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