Taste of Life theme APK for APUS Android

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Taste of Life theme APK for APUS Android

Free download Taste of Life theme for APUS Android with APK file. Download Taste of Life theme for APUS new version from the direct link. This taste of life theme contained dozens of beautiful icons with unified style for popular apps, and stunning wallpaper full of life taste.


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  • Features of taste of life theme include:
  • Dozens of app icons and counting:
  • Stunning wallpaper of dawn theme:

This theme is fit for various screen resolution. Don’t hesitate to install this beautiful taste of life theme. This theme is only compatible with APUS Launcher for now, so you need to install APUS Launcher if you didn’t. 5 stars rated over 1.2 million, and installed on about 100 million devices in over 235 countries,APUS Launcher is the smallest, fastest, and simplest launcher on market. More than just a launcher that puts your favorite apps at your fingertips, APUS boosts speed and battery life of your phone, helps you search everything, while making the using experience as seamless and smooth as iOS.



Features of APUS Launcher include:

  • Smart Folder. Simply put your Clash of Clans and Candy Crush Saga into Game folder, your Instagram and Snapchat into Social folder.
  • APUS Mobile Search. Introducing contact search, and you can search everything using voice.
  • Brand NEW APUS Radar. Like a real radar, discover popular apps nearby. More fun is waiting for you.
  • Prior Apps. Simply put Facebook, Twitter and other apps you may use mostly on your first screen, that’s the top speed to start apps.
  • APUS Notification. You will never miss important messages from your friends and family, by small badges on home screen icons, available for Call, SMS ,Whatsapp and Gmail.
  • APUS Boost. Speed up your games and apps, clean up memory (RAM) and boost your device.
  • APUS Boost works directly from your home screen, help you go through the speed limit.
  • Notification Toolbar. Provide instant switch such as Flashlight, mobile data and WiFi. Make your phone running on faster speed .
  • APUS Wallpaper. Full of HD wallpapers that can be used for both home and lock screens.

Note: APK file may not work some of android mobiles after installation. So it is recommended to install using Google Play.

2.07 MB.

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