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TED Notepad Latest Version

Free download TED Notepad latest version. TED Notepad is a word processor which comes bundled with a few extra options compared to Notepad. The users will find that the interface of this program is familiar to the one of Notepad. The users have the facility that they can import text documents and choose the encoding method. But the users have also the option that they can use the undo and redo functions for as many processes as they want such as swap text, as well as insert recently deleted text, time and date, the file name, full path and many others.

TED-Notepad-screenshotIn addition, the users have the option that they can choose a word, paragraph or all, line, cut off a word or line, delete a line, use smart or copying return, backspace a word or line and complete a word or line. On the other hand, users can use search functions like (find next, find, find previous, find later, find selected), they can change the case such as (case inversion, word capitals, all upper case or lower case, up to sentences) and also performs actions on lines e.g. (quote, find duplicates, indent, shift left, trim trail spaces or empty lines.)

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Furthermore, the users of this program can extract words, view statistics, translate characters such as (average line length, total characters without spaces) also reverse order of lines or words wrap, sort text, as well as create and apply text filters. Moreover, by using this program users can create favorites list, enable line numbers copy text to keys, line lengths, zoom in and out, visible new lines, word wrap and margins, switch to full screen mode and many more.

This program uses a low to moderate amount of system resources and also can guide the users to a complete online user manual. Overall, it is very easy to use and capable to fulfill the users’ tasks. (Review by PCFavour)

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