Tencent PC Manager Download Latest Version

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Tencent PC Manager Latest Version

Free download Tencent PC Manager latest version. There are many software utilities on which users can rely when it comes to making sure their files and folders is malware free Tencent PC Manager is a nice software which fulfill the users requirements. Tencent PC Manager comes with the standard features. It is a users’ friendly software interface which makes it easy even for those with little PC skills to benefit from its functions.

Tencent-PC-Manager-screenshotThe users have to need to launch the app and also it built in real time protection and then they can leave it running in the backgrounds as long as they set it to run at windows startup. The users get to easily initiate a manual scan that can come in handy if they suspect that folder and file might be infected. On the regular basis unfortunately, the users cannot schedule this app to perform a specific type of scan.

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The users have the ability if they go for a custom analysis of their computer, they can select the drives and folders in which they are interested, as well as the PC areas which are usually most co vulnerable startup apps, system memory, frequently used programs, system and internet explorer setting and hijacked system software. There is users will find another nifty feature of Tencent PC Manager which constantly monitors their computer and as soon as they download a file off the internet.

Thoroughly it examines its contents so as to notify them if any suspicious component is detected. Overall, Tencent PC Manager has the quality that it can be a handy solution for all those looking to keep their pc malware free without having needed to operate complex software. Tencent PC Manager has the ability that it can integrates in the context menu of windows explorer, so that users can effortlessly scan whatever file and folder they choose. (Review by PCFavour)

159.84 MB.

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