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A Competent, Fast and Powerful Uninstaller tool to remove the system programs completely!

PCfavour is brought to you very useful software i.e. Uninstall Tool 3.5.5 build 5580 latest version for your Windows in Computer. The program works for the purpose to Remove unwanted software enabling your machine clean and even faster before having competency with an effective and powerful functioning. This software is very easy-to-use and useful Windows app. This works immediately and results as soon as possible without any error. There is also another tool for removal the programs from your windows ‘MyUninstaller’ that can be used for the same purpose.

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Another advantage of this tool is to remove of those types undesired Software or apps leftovers in Registry and File System easily.

Uninstall Tool Features:

  • Ability to Uninstall or perform multiple selected apps by Force.
  • It’s concerned ‘Install Tracker’. with real-time tracing. View and record which files/registry items are created.
  • Startup Manager with regard to Find, add or remove apps that automatically start when Windows starts.
  • Portable Mode and to Run Uninstall Tool from a USB drive on different PCs.

(Screenshot Uninstall Tool)


  • With this, performance via search those files leftovers on drive related to the default uninstaller which can leave a lot behind.
  • Monitoring reliability Works perfectly for clean-up all traced by Install Tracker.
  • Uninstall Wizard schedules the remaining files removal of such items on the next Windows restart.
  • To Detect and subsequently termination running processes by prior to uninstallation the requisite files/data.
  • Services are quickly and securely as you always check and select what is about to be removed.

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Open Source
3.53 MB (shareware)
4.24 MB (Portable)

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