Uranium Backup Download Latest Version

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Uranium Backup Latest Version

Free download Uranium Backup latest version. It is complete and perfect backup software for PC. It helps you to keep a number of secure copies to many devices like; NAS, DVD, Blu Ray, USB device, FTP servers, mailboxes and many more. It is developed by Nanosystems and it is totally free backup software for PC.

Uranium-Backup-screenshotIt is heard many times that system hard drive has been crashed, due to this disaster the damage has done in form of your all important data lost. So, it is necessary to make the backup of important files and data and create number of copies in case of crashing of your system. Once you made the backup, you don’t need any worry at all. So go for this piece of advice and use Uranium Backup now.

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Uranium Backup allows you to make many secure copies of selected files and confidential data. You have to save those copies to many secure locations like; in FTP servers, USB devices and other removable devices. Of you keep copy in some other folder but on the same hard drive, it is not a good idea because if hard drive crashes then you’ll lost both original and backup copies. Once you make backup then you can also restore them back to the system.

Uranium Backup has a lot of features, one of its best features is; that you can set schedules for backups to run on specific time and day. It gives you the relaxation that when you are using your system the backup will be made automatically, it will not disturb your work too. However it is a free version, but it doesn’t has the option to save backup data on CD/DVD or FTP drive. Uranium Backup can create backup for many platforms like; it can perform backup for virtual machines, creates backup images for drives, even it can save your backups of database and SQL server without any disturbance in database service, last but not the least it can make backup of any type of tape drive too such as DAT and LTO.

Uranium Backup is very light, easy to use backup application for you. It will end all your anxieties about system or drive crash because you can create multiple secure copies. You must use it to minimum your security risk about hard drive and PC system. (Review by pcfavour)

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