Use Door Lock Phone APK for Android Download

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Use Door Lock Phone APK for Android Download

Free download Use Door Lock Phone latest version for Android with APK file. Install a door to lock the phone! This is exactly Use Door Lock Phone App. Are you still using the slide lock, password lock joint lock or other offered in this market? Come on! Keep up with the trend and install a door to lock your Android phone. Retro is a door with two sides. This is beautiful enough to meet their standards.

Use-Door-Lock-Phone-android-apkSpecial effect in this free LOCK

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Sound effect: When you open the door with the door handle, opening the sound seems realistic. Vibrate effect: The phone has a vibration when the door opens. If you are having meetings or appointments with friends or colleagues, you can close the switch effect. So when the screen door is opened, that will be silent. Lock Switch: This implementation of the lock screen door can be opened or closed easily. If you’re tired of this, then just close your switch lock. If you can use this door lock again open switch into effect again.


  • Special effect to open the lock
  • Watch
  • Date information
  • Battery icon shows the power of the phone on the left.
  • I’ll tell you if it is charging.
  • Easy to unlock the screen: Door handle drag down.

Did you lock the phone allowing a door? Be more fashionable than others? Use a gate to block mobile phone! Definition Device Lock : The lock is a mechanical or electronic fastening will be released by a physical object (like a key , key, fingerprint, RFID card, or security token ) or information secret (like a code key or password ) , or combination of more than one of these tools .

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Note: APK file may not work some of android mobiles after installation. So it is recommended to install using Google Play.

281 KB.
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