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VinylStudio Latest Version

Free download VinylStudio Latest Version. VinylStudio is software dedicated to converting your records and tapes to digital format. Much easier to use than a conventional audio editor, transferring your albums to your computer is simple and straightforward. From there, play them in your favourite audio player, burn them to CD, download them onto your mobile device or stream them around your home. Works with both Windows and Macintosh computers and includes a full set of sound cleaning filters.

VinylStudio-screenshotRecord directly to WAV, FLAC, Ogg, MP3, or AIFF format. On the Mac, CAF, AAC and Apple Lossless files are also supported..Recording stops automatically at the end of the record.Supports up to 192 kHz, 16, 24 or 32 bit.Monitor your recording through your PC’s speakers.Record 78’s on turntables with no 78 RPM speed setting.Apply RIAA and other recording equalisation curves.Lookup and edit the track listing while recording is in progress.

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Track listings can be looked up over the Internet or entered by hand.Keyword lookup by artist and album title quickly finds what you are looking for.Retrieve album art from the Discogs and Amazon databases (or import it from a file).Many listings include track durations, which makes splitting the recording into tracks much easier.Drag and drop album cover art from your Web browser or desktop.

Powerful and efficient track-splitting functions are easy to use.Waveform display quickly identifies track boundaries.Or use ‘Scan’ to search for gaps between tracks.Fade tracks in and outMulti-level undo/redo in case you make a mistake.

A fast and effective declicker, to get the best out of your vinyl.Filter out tape hiss and other forms of noise.Normalise your recordings, so that they all play back at a similar volume.Graphic equaliser.Presets make it easier to recall your favourite settings.User-editable FFT filters, for the advanced user.All editing is non-destructive, so if you want to change your mind about something, you can. Your original recordings will still be intact.

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