VMware Player Download Latest Version

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VMware Player Latest Version

Free download VMware player latest version 14.1.0. Download VMware Player latest version fast speed direct download link here. VMware Player is free software which allows you to run another operating system virtually on your pc either on Windows or on Linux. It is developed by VMware. It runs virtually other operating systems which are created by VMware workstation, Servers or Microsoft. It also supports Symantec LiveState recovery disk formats.

VMware-Player-screenshotVMware Player is very handy tool to run virtual machines. Virtual machines are very dangerous for Windows when it’ll install with Windows, it can damage your system. But, VMware is the best solution for this. You’ll have two Operating systems at the same time.

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This software is very light and easy to use, anyone can use this software. It has a friendly environment and easy GUI. You can enjoy using new OS, Machines and software daily.

Virtual machines can be created easily, if you have an ISO file or a DVD, then you can create a new virtual machine by following the given instruction, click on right options, in a few easy steps you’ll be done. You have to do the system’s setting like Ram size and hard disk size etc. VMware player allows you to access USB device, web browsing, share data, folders and drag and drop option with host system.

There is a lot of changing in this new version like; you can run Linux kernel version 2.6.34 can be pinged from host system using IPV6 address and many more. It is easy to set up, run and create new virtual machines. It is very safe to use new OS like Windows 8, Linux, Unix, Ubuntu and all other Operating systems without any risk. It is totally free, use it and enjoy with new OS and software daily. (Review by pcfavour)

90.63 MB.

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